Final Empire

Wargame of the Millenium

This is the official homepage of the "Final Empire" game project. The project is currently under development.

"Final Empire" is a turn-based strategy-game in the tradition of "empire", "empire deluxe", "civilisation", etc. The player's task is to explore the world and conquer cities with different units like armys, airplanes and ships. Sounds easy, but the other players are doing the same...

"Final Empire" differs from other games in the genre in that it has easy, basic rules. It is designed to be fully network-playable and it is platform-independent.

We need help

The project founder, Thomas Bayen, has brought the project to a pre-beta state and there will probably be a playable version in the next months. But it will be faster (and the game would become better) if other developers joined the project. And there are also many things people without programming experience can do. We need graphic artists (look at the logo we have today...) We need documentation writers, localisation help and we need translators, because development has been in german up to this point. Maybe even someone creating some sounds. And if you look around, you will see that we need a webdesigner, too. :-)

The main pages

Because the project is in a state of permanent change, we decided to not only make the sourcecode available to you via CVS but we choose a Wiki for our website as well; Wiki-Pages can be edited on-the-fly by the user. So, if you want to do some work on the website, feel free to click on the edit button on the Wiki pages and just do it. It is as easy as writing emails. The price for this is it is not as good-looking and does not have all the features of a Website with HTML-Magic, Flash, lots of colors, nice frames etc. (but we do not even have a webdesigner, so who cares...)
German start page HauptSeite
English start page  HomePage (not much content yet)
For our mailing list, CVS-access, released files etc. see our sourceforge project page
If you have questions or want to take part in the project, send me a mail:  Thomas Bayen
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